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City Historic District - - 1/17/1986
Survey Results  1998 1998         
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The Prospect Place Historic District has the unique distinction of being one of the oldest of Riverside's truly residential neighborhoods. This neighborhood is the last remnant of five adjoining subdivisions created in the year 1887. These subdivisions included Victoria Place, Scotia Place, Prospect Place, and the Twogood Orange Grove Tract. It is interesting that Prospect Place would have the distinction of being one of Riverside's oldest neighborhoods, despite its location just outside of the original Riverside town site known as the Mile Square. Prospect Place's early history was that of single family homes ranging from opulent Victorians to simple bungalows. Over time, however, the character of this neighborhood began to change to higher density uses. Helping fuel this change was the typical practice in the early days of zoning to designate downtown residential areas for high density residential uses. Prospect Place and other residential neighborhoods southerly of Fourteenth Street have also tended to be seen as logical areas into which to expand office and commercial uses from the downtown core. The major exception to this expansion is the Prospect Place Historic District which retains some of the original flavor of turn of the century residential neighborhoods.

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