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Seventh Street East Historic District

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City Historic District - Seventh Street East Historic District - 2/16/1989
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The Seventh Street East Historic District is one lot deep on both sides of Seventh Street between Commerce Street and Kansas Avenue. Reflecting a cross-section of residential architectural styles from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the neighborhood is a reflection of both the city's past as well as the lives of average citizens sixty to a hundred years ago. The boundaries of the Seventh Street East Historic District include three City Landmarks, the Ward House, 2969 Seventh Street (built in 1887 by pioneer volunteer fire chief, city councilman, and civic leader George F. Ward), the Collins-Seaton House, 2374 Seventh Street (one of the finest Classical Revival style housed in the city), and the stone house at 2110 Seventh Street (built in 1926, and one of Riverside's best examples of this type of construction). The entire neighborhood has retained an attractive historic character pleasing in its diversity but compatible in scale, age and tone.

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