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St. Andrews Terraces NCA

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City Neighborhood Conservation Area - Saint Andrews Terraces NCA - 4/18/1990
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St. Andrews Terraces Neighborhood Conservation area is a grouping of 21 single-family residences located north of First Street, within the address range 2940 to 3078 Lime Street (formerly St. Andrews Boulevard). Lots are approximately 50 x 175 feet. The houses have common setbacks of 30 to 35 feet with the exception of 2925 Lime Street. Most residences have detached garages accessed via paved driveways or from the alley on the east side of Lime Street. The properties at 3075-77 and 3061-65 Lime Street are multi-family with second units located behind the primary residences. Front yards are turfed and have sidewalks with parkway strips planted with mature trees including palms. The topography of Lime Street slopes upward moving north from First Street so that some of the residences are slightly raised from street level and low retaining walls are located at the sidewalk. The residences range from 1 to 1 1/2 stories in height and are primarily Craftsman/California Bungalow in style (constructed from 1911 to 1928, with the majority constructed from 1911-1912). The NCA terminates to the north at the railroad right of way.

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