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Colony Heights Historic District

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City Historic District - Colony Heights Historic District - 2/17/1998
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The Colony heights Historic District is bounded by the north side of Mission Inn Avenue, the west side of Pine Street, the south side of Third Street and the east side of redwood Drive. It includes a total of 67 properties. The district features primarily one- and two-story, single-family residences. Streets within the district are laid out in a grid pattern (as is all of downtown) and are developed with two travel lanes and street parking on both sides. Lots are typically 50-60 feet wide while setbacks are typically 35-40 feet. Garages are predominately detached and located to the rear of the properties, with most accessed via unpaved alleys. Properties vary greatly with regard to landscaping. Front yards are typically unfenced and characterized by turf with trees and shrubbery providing accents. Parkways are generally turfed. Mature street trees planted within the parkway are a strong element of the area as are the historic pedestrian streetlights. Sidewalks characterize the area and driveway cuts are minimal, tending to be narrow with historic curb returns. The terrain slopes gently upward at the western end of the district and low retaining walls appear on some properties adjacent to Redwood Drive. The houses of Colony Heights represent an excellent cross-section of the types and styles of homes built in Riverside in the early to early decades of the twentieth century. These include excellent examples of Craftsman, Turn-of-the-Century, and Period Revival architectural styles. The majority of the contributing properties display a high degree of architectural integrity. There are no vacant lots within the district boundaries.

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