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The Lansdowne Spanish Colonial Revival District is located from 2014 to 2068 Blenheim Street and 2033-2075 Marlborough Avenue in the City of Riverside. It is comprised of 20 contributing features, all of which are single family residences designed in the Spanish Colonial Revival style. All of the residences are remarkable similar in style, but vary in surface treatment and plan. The predominant architectural feature characterizing this group are pier-buttresses accentuating the major facades and wings. In many of the buildings, espandanas have been employed to accentuate the roof line. The scale, period of construction, and architectural style are all quit homogenous throughout the district. The only non-contributing feature in this group is the duplex located at 2037-2039 Marlborough Street. Alterations have crept into the architectural fabric of the district in the form of aluminum slider windows, re-stuccoing, and porch improvements. Alterations are fully discussed in each individual resource inventory form. The property boundary of the Lansdowne District, which appears eligible to the National Register, includes both sides of Blenheim Street and the northside of Marlborough Avenue, roughly between Laurel and La Cadena (See map).

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