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Survey Results  2003 2003         
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The proposed Arlington Village Commercial Neighborhood Conservation Area (NCA) is located on both sides of Magnolia Avenue from Castleman Street to Roosevelt Street (address range 9408-9595 Magnolia Avenue). This area represents the historic downtown commercial core of Arlington. Buildings within the NCA are predominantly one-story in height and generally date from the turn of the century to the late 1950s. The buildings are set back from the street approximately 20 to 25 feet. They are fronted with 26-foot wide expanses of concrete sidewalks within the public right of way. The sidewalks features street trees, including palms, as well as historic pedestrian street lights. Magnolia Avenue features a turfed and landscaped median which narrows at the intersections to provide turn lanes for traffic. Historically, the Pacific Electric streetcar line was located in the median area, but was removed in the 1940s. The most prominent point within the area is the heavily trafficked intersection of Magnolia Avenue and Van Buren Boulevard. The fa├žades of the buildings in the district have undergone various levels of remodeling over the years, as is common with historic-era commercial development. A few other buildings have been altered to such an extent that they no longer convey integrity of design and, in fact, fact resemble modern structures. As a result, they are not considered contributing elements of the district. Four buildings within the Neighborhood Conservation Area have been determined individually significant. Arlington Heating and Cooling, the original Village blacksmith shop, and the Assistance League Thrift Store, the original Fire Station and Police Department, are eligible as structures of merit in accordance with the Cultural Resources Ordinance. The Jenkins Building at 9502-9506 Magnolia Avenue is eligible for designation as a City landmark. The Arlington Library has been listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Together, the buildings and other features represent an early- to mid-20th century commercial block that still retains a uniform appearance in massing and profile. The commercial block with its intimate pedestrian scale, tightly spaced buildings, and relationship to the street contribute to the sense of community conveyed by this NCA.

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