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City Historic District - Somerset Drive Historic District - 12/14/2005
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Somerset Drive Historic District is located east of Victoria Avenue and west of the Tequesquite Arroyo between Cridge Street and Woodbine Street. The district is comprised of 23 properties, 22 of which are developed with single-family residences. The addresses range from 4705 to 4858 Somerset. Only three properties in the district are non-contributors – two include residences built outside of the period of significance for the district ((4796 Somerset, 1979 and 4840 Somerset, 2002) and one is a vacant lot (4798 Somerset). The residences are one to two stories in height and generally represent the variety of architectural styles popular in Riverside, and Southern California generally, during the 1920s and 30s. These include Craftsman, Moderne and various Period Revival styles such as Spanish Colonial, Mediterranean, Pueblo, Tudor, and Monterey. Post War architecture is also represented in the form of Minimal Traditional style residences. Somerset Drive is situated at the edge of the Tequesquite Arroyo and overlooks Victoria Club. It is a 30-foot wide street, which gently curves and is shaded by mature trees and landscaping, isolating the neighborhood from the larger residences of the arroyo’s south side and the Victoria Country Club. The topography of the street is varied, with the west side of the street being flat, and the east side sloping down toward the arroyo. This allows for the residences to be situated at unusual angles and elevations in relation to the street. The non-contributing residences are located on the east side of Somerset and are not visible on the street as they are at the bottom of the arroyo. The contributing residences have setbacks of approximately 35 feet with well-manicured lawns and mature landscaping. Some contributing residences on the east side of Somerset are below street level without a discernable setback and are surrounded by mature trees. Detached garages are a common feature of the properties and are designed in the style of the primary residence. The garages are generally visible from the street. Driveways vary from modern to Hollywood, with some paved and some gravel. The streetscape does not include street trees, parkways strips or sidewalks although there are concrete curbs. Fencing or low walls are common and materials range from brick and stone to wrought iron. Town and country style street lights are spaced a regular intervals along Somerset Drive. The district maintains a high degree of integrity of design, feeling, association and setting.

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