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Property Results
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Address 4537 MERRILL AV Year Built 1891
APN 226301029
Name C.F.A Johnson House Builder unknown
Architect Gunning, David Style Queen Anne
Original Use Single Family residence Contemporary Use
Survey Results  1979 1979  2004       
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Survey Description
This two-and-a-half-story, single-family residence that has been converted to multi-family use is situated on the north side of Merrill Avenue, facing south. The wood-framed, Queen Anne style building is square in plan with a high-pitched, pyramidal hip roof with gable extensions to the west and south. The roof is covered with dark brown composition shingles and has narrow, boxed eaves. A flat roofed mass on the rear, northwest corner appears to be an addition (date unknown). The wall surfaces of the first floor are sheathed in stucco while the second floor is clad in wood shingles, which have been applied in a staggered pattern, and the house is painted gray. Wood-framed, double-hung windows are trimmed with wide boards and retain original wood-framed screens. Windows that light the half-story appear fixed, and the northwest corner addition has wood-framed casement. A full façade porch wraps around the west elevation and is covered by a shed roof extension at the first story that is supported by nine simple columns with square tops. The concrete entry porch is raised by five steps and is lined by a simple balustrade of 2x4 posts. A portion of the porch on the west elevation has been screened, and a wheelchair ramp has been added (dates unknown). The wood-and-glass entry door is adorned with half-sidelights and toplights. A second story porch on the façade is topped by a gable-on-hip roof extension that is supported by four columns and surrounded by a wood shingle skirt with two rows of patterned shingles. Two brick chimneys, one on each the west and east elevations, partially fell in a recent earthquake, and a portion of the roof (east) has been repaired (date unknown). A four-space carport is found in the rear northwest corner of the lot, and the property is landscaped with turf and mature shrubs. Originally constructed as a single-family residence, the building has been converted to a four-unit, multi-family residence (since circa 1920s). The residence was designed by architect David Gunning and constructed in ca. 1891 for C.F.A. Johnson at 221 Palm Avenue. The residence was turned to face Merrill Avenue and incorporated into the Venetian Square subdivision (1925). Building permits reveal only interior alterations. In 1944, the kitchen and a bedroom were enlarged, and the kitchen was remodeled. At that time, a partition was also added between the living and dining rooms, and in 1955, the dwelling again underwent “interior alterations” (specifics unknown). The residence is not eligible for inclusion in the Palm Heights Historic District, as its date of construction falls outside the period of significance.
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